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Single-day Adventures in Your Backyard

We believe you can live a life full of curiosity and adventure when you’re out exploring the world, in the community you call home and everything in between. This is what we call a ‘living big’ lifestyle, and we want to be your partner to make this way of living a reality. For the past few years we’ve been helping women ‘live big’ in their travels through the US and internationally, but now we’re bringing it to your backyard with Living Big Adventure Club.

The inaugural Adventure Club chapter is in the Pacific NW, with many day trips originating from the greater Portland, OR area. There is no fee to join Adventure Club, you can register on a first come, first serve basis for the adventures you’re most interested in. Plan on new chapters rolling out in the coming years!

Some adventures are for women 21+, and others are open to young women, age 15-17, who are accompanied by their Mother or legal guardian. 

Steamed Bun Class at XLB

May 15, 2018 | Cost: $90

Baozi  (steamed buns) are like warm little pockets of happiness, stuffed with tasty treats and steamed to perfection. Join us as we head to XLB (one of Willamette Week’s Restaurants of the Year in 2017) and learn how to make these steamed buns on your very own! Note: this adventure is open to young women, age 15-17, who are accompanied by their Mother or legal guardian. 

The Ultimate Summer Day in Mosier, Oregon

July 7, 2018 | Cost: $80

Mosier, Oregon (just east of Hood River) is home to some of summer’s finest activities – cherry-picking, hiking, and secret swimming holes! Join us as we do all 3 for a perfect PNW summer day. Note: this adventure is open to young women, age 15-17, who are accompanied by their Mother or legal guardian. 

What is the Living Big Adventure Club?

Living Big Adventure Club is a series of events designed to connect women to local experiences and other women, in their own backyard. Our inaugural Adventure Club chapter is in the Pacific NW, with many daytrips and activities originating in the greater Portland, OR area. Additional Adventure Club chapters in other communities across the US, will be rolling out in the coming years. There is no fee to join Adventure Club; women can simply register for the adventures they’re most interested in.

Is Adventure Club available in my community? If not, how do I request you come to my community?

Adventure Club is currently only available in the Pacific NW, but it will be expanding to other communities across the US in the coming years. Click here to request an Adventure Club in your area.

Are these adventures for women, only?

Yes, all Adventure Club events are for women, only. A major tenet of Living Big is to make international travel more accessible to women who don’t want to go at it alone. To learn more about the philosophy, click here.

Why is the Pacific NW the only chapter?

The Pacific NW chapter is our inaugural Adventure Club chapter because it’s the hometown of the team behind Living Big! But plan on additional Adventure Club chapters in other communities across the US, rolling out in the coming years.

What adventures are coming up in the Pacific NW chapter?

To see what Adventure Club events are coming up, click here.

How do I register for upcoming adventures in the Pacific NW chapter?

You can find all of our upcoming event listings here. Event registrations are managed through EventBrite – if you complete the registration form and receive a confirmation email from them, you’re in!

Can I join for an adventure if I don’t live in this area?

Yes! If you will be in the area during one of our events, you can certainly join.

How many women can participate in each adventure?

Event sizes will vary based on the activity, but expect between 15-25 at most events.

Is there a minimum/maximum age for participants?

Most events are for women over the age of 21 (and physically able to participate in the events) but select events are open to young women between the age of 15-17, provided their Mother or legal guardian is also registered to join.

I’ve signed up for an adventure but need to cancel. What do I do?

Sorry to hear you can’t join us this time around! Please click on “Contact the Organizer” in your confirmation email to cancel and request a refund. We will refund all cancellations made more than 7 days before the event.

How do I access the Facebook group created for the Pacific NW chapter?

You can join our Facebook community here, where we’ll post event lists, photos, and more.

Who do I contact to learn more about the Pacific NW chapter?

We’d love to answer any questions you have! Please contact us here.

Who do I contact about potential partnership opportunities?

Thanks for considering us as a potential partner! Please contact us here.

Why do I have to register for adventures on Eventbrite? Is it possible to register another way?

We manage all of our Adventure Club events through Eventbrite to help us more easily manage a waitlist, so if someone has to cancel, we’re offering someone the opportunity to attend.

How much does it cost to join the Adventure Club?

It’s free to sign up for notifications about each event! Each event will have a variable fee, which will be announced with the event registration.

Where will the events be located? Will I need to drive?

Event locations will vary, but will always be accessible in a day if you’re located near Portland, OR. And generally speaking, you’ll need to provide your own transportation to/from events. 

Learn More About the Living Big Adventure Club for the Pacific Northwest

Plan on additional adventures rolling out in the coming weeks, such as hiking, unique food experiences, crafts galore and more! Be sure to sign-up to receive email notification, or join the Pacific NW chapter on Facebook, to learn about new adventures!

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