BAILEY: welcome to the team! We’re beyond excited to have your ninja operations skills join the crew, not to mention your EPIC traveling chops stemming from your time living abroad, and many travels around the world. You are the glue that allows us to host hundreds of women on adventures around the world. IS IT TOO OBVIOUS THAT WE’RE SO DANG EXCITED TO HAVE YOU JOIN THE TEAM?!?!

I asked Bailey a few of my go-to travel questions so you can learn a little more about her. Check out her interview below.

Bailey, thanks for joining the Living Big Travel community!



  • Q: Why do you think it’s important for women to share, experience, adventure and travel together?
    Experiences shape us and help us grow. Whether it’s a grand adventure, international travel, facing a fear, or simply trying something new, those experiences come with growing pains followed by overwhelming victories. By facing them together, we break down barriers, support one another, and build each other up. It’s all about helping each other live BIG!
  • Q: What superpower do you bring to Living Big Travel?
    Order manipulation – the ability to turn even the most un-ordered situations into well organized systems and procedures.
  • Q: Describe one of your favorite travel memories
    After a long night of salsa and bachata dancing in Costa Rica, my friends and I decided to rinse off in the ocean before pouring into bed. As we were walking back up the dark beach, we saw a giant sea turtle creating a nest to lay eggs! Knowing that the touristy beach would be crawling with people in the morning, we called a local conservation and rescue program who directed us to stand back and guard the area until beach patrol arrived. Once they arrived, they walked us through the process of monitoring the mama and assisting when she had complications. Then, we were able to relocate the eggs to the nursery where they would be kept safe and released into the wild after hatching. We spent the night saving 95 baby sea turtles from being trampled by tourists and still made it back in time for breakfast.
  • Q: The next destination or experience on your bucket list is:
    #VanLife! After spending 2 years exploring Europe, my husband and I have seen more of it than we have the United States (even though we were both born and raised in the states!) We want to change that by converting a van into a tiny, mobile home that can house us as we road trip across the US. We’re testing out our first van design while we road trip along the coast of Spain and Portugal in April!


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