Dining for Women


Since starting Living Big in 2013 I’ve been working to build a community that allows women to come together to collectively pursue their shared goals of traveling. We also focus on pursuing what’s on our bucket lists, taking the leap of faith into new adventures together and making friends and building community along the way. There’s just always been something magical to me about women coming together in this way. And the more I do it, the more addictive it becomes. Not because I love planning travel, events and parties {which is also true} but also because when I’m helping bring these experiences to life I hear, see and personally experience how much the community is needed.

For a long while now I’ve been looking for a way for the Living Big community to come together and give back to others in need. I’ve toyed around with the idea of a service based trip, service-based experiences within a trip, donating a portion of every trip fee to a charity in need and many other ideas. But nothing quite felt right. And then I heard about Dining for Women and things started to click.

Dining for Women is a US based group that offers grants, up to $50,000 to 12 grassroots organizations around the world that focus on meeting the needs of women and children in education, healthcare, economic and environmental sustainability, safety and security, leadership and agriculture. These programs are aimed at improving the living situations of women and their families by providing the tools they need to make changes in their lives, in their communities and in their children’s futures.


Dining for Women raises funds through a collective-giving model. Individual chapters around the country host dinners on a monthly basis, asking each guest to bring a dish to share with the group and a monetary donation that is what they would have spent going out to dinner. During the evening the host facilitates a discussion that educates the group on the grassroots organization receiving the Dining for Women grant that month through videos, stories, photos, statistics, etc.


In my view, Dining for Women is the perfect intersection of community, service and education, and I’m so proud to start a chapter for the Living Big community. I hope you’ll be able to participate.

And I’m so excited to co-host this adventure with my Mother, Sue! Gatherings will be held 4-5 times a year in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about the next meeting on May 24, 2016 and RSVP, click here.

And if you can’t join for the meeting in person please consider making a donation online or set-up automatically monthly donations. To learn more about making online donations, click here.

Thank you for your support of this new chapter for Living Big, for support of women and children all over the world and for doing what you can to help others ‘live big.’


Photos courtesy of Dining for Women.


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