Meet Katie Weltner

Katie Katie Katie —- one of the brightest personalities, warmest hearts and ambitious spirits I know. Katie and I have known each other for years as our professional worlds and personal interests continue to intersect with one another. PINCH ME: Katie will be sharing her magic with the Living Big community as a Trip Host for international adventures.

I asked Katie a few of my go-to travel questions so you can learn a little more about her. Check out her interview below.

Katie, thanks for joining the Living Big community!



  • Q: What is one experience that has shaped the adventurer lifestyle you lead today? 
    My last name means “world traveler” in German, and I’ve always loved living up to my name. My family always pushed me to see the world, starting with studying abroad in Germany when I was 15. Most recently, I spent a year traveling in New Zealand, SE Asia, Japan, and Europe with my husband. It can be difficult and scary to prioritize travel, but it’s always worth the time and effort.
  • Q: What do you love most about living in the Pacific NW? 
    There’s something magical about experiencing and appreciating every season of the year, and when it comes to seasons, the Pacific NW definitely doesn’t disappoint. We get it all here in Portland – from snowball fights, to cherry-picking, to rainy day mud-puddle-runs.
  • Q: The next destination or experience on your bucket list is:
    Mexico in Summer 2018! It’s so close to home, but I’ve never been and there’s a LOT to see. I’m excited to eat the cheese in Oaxaca (and really, all the food everywhere), explore beautiful San Miguel de Allende and buy all the pretty ceramics for my plant-babies.
  • Q: one unexpected thing about me is: 
    I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 21!


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