Meet Lora Woodruff — new Living Big Trip Host!

lora_wdwgoofychallengeI feel DARN LUCKY that Lora Woodruff is willing to share her magic with the Living Big community! She is a dynamic business woman, the warmest and most hospitable host, and you should see her light up when the subjects of New York City and coffee come up! She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, generous and everyone that scores a spot on one of the trips she leads for Living Big should also consider themselves DARN LUCKY, too!

I asked Lora a few of my go-to travel questions so you can learn a little more. Check out her interview below.

Lora, thanks for joining the Living Big community!


Q&A with Lora Woodruff

  • picmonkey-collageQ: What is one travel experience that has shaped the travelers lifestyle you lead today?
    When I was in high school my brother and I went on a five week trip through Europe with a family friend who bravely chaperoned a group of seven kids from Norway to Greece and everywhere in between. I was the youngest at 15, and the oldest was 23. In many ways that trip changed the trajectory of my life both in forming my world view and also leading to my studying abroad, which in turn is responsible for my network of friends and acquaintances across the globe.
  • Q: Why do you think it’s important for women to share, experience, adventure and travel together?
    I love the camaraderie and life-long friendships that are formed through shared adventure.
  • Q: What is the ONE THING you can’t travel without?
    A big, beautiful scarf.  It’s my pillow on the airplane, doubles as a blanket, and spiffs up any outfit – all this and it can be packed into my purse!
  • Q: I’m happiest when the following combo come together on a trip:
    My husband and I are “tourist marathoners” and many of our vacations revolve around a destination race (mostly half marathons these days). We love to get out and run or hike in order to balance the great meals we are sure to enjoy later in the day. If I can sneak in a quiet cappuccino at a local coffee shop and a theatrical performance in the evening, I think that’s about as good as it gets for me.
  • Q: The next destination or experience on your bucket list is: _______________
    I’m currently training for the Great Saunter on May 6 in NYC. Billed as an “epic urban hike,” The Great Saunter covers 32-miles of beautiful waterfront and more than 20 parks along Manhattan’s incredible shorelines.


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