Meet Mary (+ learn what the heck a ‘living big’ lifestyle is all about!)

About-MaryHi there! I’m Mary — nice to meet ya!

Read below to learn more about the journey, the company and what the heck a ‘living big’ lifestyle is all about!

First things first: what does it mean to ‘live big?’

My mom always used to challenge me to ‘live big.’ Her simple words always added an extra bit of inspiration to whatever I was about to embark on. And because she said it so often, I’ve come to define what it means for me.

For me, ‘living big’ is all about:

  • Structuring my life in a way that allows certain circumstances to show up
  • Saying “Why not?” more often than “Why?”
  • Being open to inspiration
  • Being courageous and confident enough to stay true to who I am
  • Checking things off my bucket list
  • Exploring the world and using my make-it-happen skills to craft experiences for others to do the same

But like any normal human, ‘living big’ hasn’t always been easy or accessible for me. In 2012 I found myself on a career path that didn’t allow me to ‘live big.’ My life was lacking in balance and inspiration. I needed to carve my own path, so I left my job to create space for my passion to travel. To learn more about this stage of my life, watch the Huffington Post video that explores this moment where I was ready to make a jump, click here.

For the next five months I traveled independently in Europe. It was the best experience of my life, bringing me clarity, inspiration and reconnection with myself. For the first time in my life I felt empowered to determine what my days looked like. I felt like I was really ‘living big’ and honoring the challenge my mother has given me since childhood.

As I blogged about my travels that year, women contacted me and asked: How do you do it? Some just needed a few tips, but I heard from many who expressed barriers to travel and adventures they had always wanted to experience (not having a travel companion, cost, lack of time to plan, fear of traveling solo, etc.). That’s when I decided to take a hands-on approach to helping other women embark on their own adventures.

Since then I’ve been to almost 30 countries by plane, boat and even by foot. With each trip I’ve only grown more amazed and inspired by the natural beauty of our planet, and the endless learning experiences offered by different cultures.

My mom’s words, my travels, and the women who’ve reached out have all been the inspiration for turning Living Big into a travel business, which has now been operating since 2013. 

But it’s not just a business, it’s a personal mantra that I strive to bring to those I share adventures with and those I send on amazing vacations.

Cheers to finding what allows you to ‘live big’ in your daily life. And if there is something I can do to support you, please be in touch.

All the best, + cheers to ‘living big!’



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