Don’t write off the hostel!

If you’re traveling solo, or with a group of friends, don’t automatically write of a hostel stay because you’re no longer 22. I’ve stayed in a few hostels this summer, and am reminded about all the pro’s of a hostel...

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Women Living Big: Tara Russell

Living Big is a community that’s all about: Women traveling to big and small corners of the world together; women sharing adventures that stretch their comfort zones; women building connections with one another; women sharing in new experiences, and women...

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Meet Katie Weltner

Katie Katie Katie —- one of the brightest personalities, warmest hearts and ambitious spirits I know. Katie and I have known each other for years as our professional worlds and personal interests continue to intersect with one another. PINCH ME:...

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Mary’s Top 10 Travel Experiences

It doesn’t seem to matter where I am or who I’m talking to these days —- the question “what is your favorite travel experience?” or a version of this question seems to always come up. It’s one of the hardest...

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