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Prepping for the worst: identification back-up

I hate to be a ‘debbie-downer’ but if something happens while traveling internationally, and you find yourself without your Passport, credit cards or any form of identification, it can feel like you’re sliding towards rock bottom! While no one plans...

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The 101: Global Entry vs. Mobile Passport Control

First there was Global Entry, and now there is Mobile Passport Control. Thanks to these two programs, entering the United States is easier than ever. A little 101: Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows...

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The 101: when you’ve got a tight connection, and a plane to catch

My first piece of advice: avoid the tight connections. They’re stressful, EVERY SINGLE TIME! But I also realize that sometimes they’re unavoidable, either because of delays, life scheduling or otherwise. So if you’re in this boat, heed this advice for...

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My Kauai — top 5 for a first-time visit

*PINCH ME* I live on the West Coast of the US, and therefore, Hawaii is just a short (and now direct) flight away. If you haven’t been ADD IT TO YOUR TRAVEL WISH LIST NOW! You might be tempted to...

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