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Thailand 2019 – Recap

Traveling to Asia from the US for the first time, especially when you start the journey solo, can be an intimidating experience. I’ve been there and know how it feels! That’s why our adventure to Thailand has a special place...

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Canadian Rockies 2018: Recap

The Canadian Rockies are chock-full of beauty and adventure! Between the jagged, ice-capped peaks and the magically colored lakes, there’s no way to avoid the jaw-dropped and wide-eyed look. It was so special to share this amazing adventure with the...

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Iceland 2 Recap

Iceland is full of SO much magic. Rainbows! Long-haired horses! Bread baked underground! Icebergs! It’s an overload for the senses, and with the ever-changing weather, it’s different every time you visit.  I’m so thrilled I got to share Iceland with an...

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The Secret Sauce of a Great Road Trip

I had an amazing final week in Europe. Couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a larger than life traveling-extraveganza. I was with my friend Kristin and our piñata named ‘Seamus the Craic Horse’ (more on that later) as...

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