WOMEN LIVING BIG: Georgina Miranda

Living Big is a community that’s all about:
Women traveling to big and small corners of the world together; women sharing adventures that stretch their comfort zones; women building connections with one another; women sharing in new experiences, and women joining together to pursue the life of their dreams. Every woman in this community is at a different place in their journey. And we have something to learn from everyone.

This is chapter 2 of a blog series introducing you to some of the women in the Living Big community {to read chapter 1 about Sherrie Curtin, click here!}

Today I’m honored / proud / excited/ !!!! to introduce you to Georgina Miranda. I met Georgina a few years ago at a travel event where she was presenting about the initative she started, Climb Take Action, that seeks to raise awareness to gender-based violence and support International Medical Corps as she completes her project of climbing the 7 Summits. Yep – you read that right. So far she has summited six of the seven peaks {including Everest!} But to only know Georgina as a mountaineer and founder of Climb Take Action is only a small fraction of what makes her so amazing. She’s also the founder of Altitude Seven —- a digital media platform that helps a global community of women adventurers and travelers discover the best outdoor and adventure travel products, experiences, stories and inspiration all in one place. The company’s brand was created for a new generation of outdoor, adventurous, and globetrotting women, with a mission: To Inspire and Equip Women to Live Adventurous, Bold, and Worldly Lives. Go ahead and check it out, {click here.} It’s pretty rad. And she’s pretty rad, too. Trust me!


Please introduce yourself to the Living Big community!
Georgina Miranda here from San Francisco with a deep love for sharing the gift of adventures with others. Adventure changed my life. Eight years ago I could barely run a mile and now have been inspired to scale the highest peaks around the world and develop a company, Altitude Seven, that equips and inspires women to get going on whatever adventure their heart desires next!


What are the highest high’s of building a business, and conversely what have been the lowest lows of building a business?
The highest high is building a like-minded community that values what you have to offer them and let’s you know that in some way you have had a positive impact in their life. It’s part of witnessing your vision come to life which is really special.The lowest of lows of building a business comes with rejection and failure. When you risk it all and you lose and wonder if you should toss in the towel or keep going. Building a business has been the longest expedition I have ever been on. There have been moments when I questioned everything about myself and purpose and have had to find the will to keep going even though the outcome was unknown.

What encourages you to keep building, dreaming and persevering?
I like to say that dreams are our fuel…hence we say “Fuel your Dayream” at Altitude Seven. Life is too short to not live up to your full potential and to strive for what fills your soul and provides meaning. My motto is: The extraordinary is always possible; Never limit yourself or life’s potential.


Please fill in the blanks: if Living Big offered a trip to _______ I couldn’t say no because I’ve always dreamed of doing/seeing/experiencing ________.
This one is tough because I have 2!
If Living Big offered a trip to Antarctica or the North Pole I couldn’t say no because I’ve always dreamed of experiencing the true magic of arctic places, they have fascinated me since I was a child.

Georgina, thanks for sharing your story + words of inspiration!

Cheers to ‘living big’ in your own way each and every day.



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