Women Living Big: Hazar Jaber

What it means to Live Big is uniquely defined by each person. It’s the personal approach you take to life that gives you the most satisfaction! My interpretation of a path to Living Big will be different than your path, or your best friends path. In an effort to inspire readers to discover what their path to Living Big looks like I’ll be interviewing women around the world that are pioneering a Living Big lifestyle and sharing their stories on the blog.

Hazar and I first met in the “slow lane” at a community pool. We were both wide eyed because it was the first night of swim practice for a triathlon we had both just signed up for. Because neither of us knew how to competitivly swim, we spent a lot of time talking above the water in those first few weeks of swim practice. I learned that Hazar is from Syria, spent her early adult years doing humanitarian work with orphans in Syria and frequently traveling outside Syria with the International Red Cross, has three boys (including one born just a few months before the triathlon training started) is a dentist and owner of Happy Kids Dentistry with her husband in Longview, Washington and just completed her MBA (a few weeks before the triathlon training started.) Oh and did I mention she was training for her first triathlon through Team in Training and raising funds along the way for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?


You’re probably thinking now what I thought then, “who is this super woman?”

The truth is that Hazar is one of the most talented, caring, warm, ambitious and thoughtful women I know. She was my cheerleader and support system during the difficult training process and encouraged me to seek inspiration around the world and learn from cultures different than my own. Hazar holds a special place in my heart and I can’t help but introduce the entire Living Big community to her spirit!

Q: Hazar, you’ve read what Living Big means to me, but what does it mean to you?

A: Living big to me is taking advantage of the chances that you might encounter in your life. Seize the moment. Follow your heart. Set your mind to do something and actually do it. Be a part of the community. Be respectful of all people. To me living big is becoming bigger than just yourself. I want to help the world to be a better place for all the poor, the displaced and people with disabilities. And I really think I can do that.While catching up last week with Hazar I learned about an initiative Hazar is spearheading that I’d like to share with the LivingBig community to see if we can drum up support for this cause that is near and dear to Hazar’s heart and now my own.


Next month Hazar and her husband Hani are traveling to Jordan to join a medical and dental mission to help Syrian refugees who are displaced there. In preparation for their trip they will be sending a large shipping container of supplies and are looking for donations of gently used (and clean) clothes, diapers, warm coats, blankets, baby formula and any other supplies that could be used by the over 600,000 Syrians now living in Jordan.

If you have a donation to make please contact me to learn more about drop-off locations in the Vancouver/Portland area or either Hazar or I will meet you to pick-up your donation. If you are outside Oregon but would still like to help please contact me and I can share more about making a monetary donation that will be used to purchase supplies.

Hazar, thank you for Living Big and being a role-model to the thousands of people you have touched around the world. You have inspired me to be a better woman and Live Bigger than I could imagine!



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