WOMEN LIVING BIG: Sherrie Curtin

Living Big is a community that’s all about:
Women traveling to big and small corners of the world together; women sharing adventures that stretch their comfort zones; women building connections with one another; women sharing in new experiences, and women joining together to pursue the life of their dreams. Every woman in this community is at a different place in their journey. And we have something to learn from everyone.

Today I’m kicking off a blog series introducing you to some of the women in the Living Big community. And I’m kicking things off with Sherrie Curtin. Sherrie has been a long time family-friend and traveler, with a heart as big as her smile and a natural curiosity to see the world. I was fortunate enough to host Sherrie on a trip to Croatia in September 2015 {click here to see the photo recap!} She’s just one of the most special women I know. She travels internationally on a regular basis, including trips with her girlfriends and husband, and is someone I respect and admire so much!

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Please introduce yourself to the Living Big community!
I always try to “live big” whether it’s cheering my grandson on in ice hockey or car dancing with my granddaughter while singing at the top of our lungs! I love life and all the happiness and challenges it brings everyday. I am devoted to my husband Tim, lil doggie CocoNut, my ever-delightful family and all my women friends that have been a huge part of my everyday happiness.

What was your favorite memory from your trip to Croatia with Living Big?
An impromptu swim in a crystal clear creek right outside our country soba; it brought out the youthful adventurer in all of us.


As it relates to traveling with a group of women, what were you the most nervous about? And how did that go?
I think all women worry about whether or not they’ll relate to other women they don’t know well, and wonder if they’ll fit in with the group. I remind myself that everyone is there for different reasons, but for the same reasons we’re all excited and nervous in the beginning. I think at the end of the day traveling with all women groups brings out the adventurous girl in all of us. It’s very rewarding – the friends you make, the memories you create, and the bonds you form are unbeatable. I try to take a trip with all women every other year; it makes you feel empowered and who doesn’t like that?!

plitvica 1

As it relates to traveling with a group of women, what was one unexpected perk?
People are friendlier when they see a group of all women traveling together; they ask more questions!

Please fill in the blanks:
If Living Big offered a trip to Tibet I couldn’t say no because I’ve always dreamed of doing/seeing/experiencing the Jokhang Temple.

Sherrie, thanks for sharing your story + words of inspiration!

Cheers to ‘living big’ in your own way each and every day.



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