About Living Big

Inspired adventures for women, by women.


Living Big offers hosted adventures for small groups of women. Adventures range from single-day trips in the greater Portland area (our home base!) long weekends throughout the United States and vacations all over the world. Join at whatever adventure level you’re most comfortable with and needing in your life. No matter the duration or destination, all Living Big adventures share the same goals of bringing women together, taking the work out of planning an adventure, and giving you a chance to authentically connect with a destination. A Trip Host will be with you on all the adventures to make sure everything comes to life, connections are had and memories are made. To learn more upcoming hosted adventures and the Living Big style of travel click here.


Living Big offers women with full lives the curated guidance needed to plan a vacation for family, groups of friends or with a partner. When you work with Living Big to bring your vacation to life, you’re getting help with the elements of your trip that you need support with the most. Such as searching for airfare, figuring out how to use your air miles, mapping out travel routes, booking hotels, ground transportation and activities, finding those hole in the wall restaurants, connecting you with unique cultural experiences and hands-on classes, tips on local customs, travel advice and more. And all the details will be packaged up into a single communication you’ll take on the trip —- go ahead and take a break from being the CEO of your friends and family while traveling. We got ya. To learn more about Living Big Travel Design, Mary’s signature travel style, and to start planning your next adventure click here.


For Mary, Living Big founder, she is really ‘living big’ when she plans hosted adventures that bring women together, and when she helps vacation dreams come to life. To learn more about what ‘living big’ means to Mary click here. Whatever it means for you to personally ‘live big’ – if Living Big can help you make it happen we’d love to play a part!


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