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Travel Planning Paralysis: it’s a real thing.

While new adventures can bring excitement, they can also cause anxiety when you realize how much work is involved. There are so many places to go see and do; it’s easy for vacation planning to become a chore, and you start to lose the magic of the adventure. That’s where we can step in to help.

Living Big offers custom travel design services to support women in the role they usually play when it comes to their vacations, and that’s the CEO. We step in take care of the research, booking, and communication so you can take a break from being in charge and truly enjoy your vacation experience. We specialize in honeymoons, group trips, family vacations and more. 

What Clients Have To Say

Why Hire a Travel Designer?

Save Time & Money

You have enough on your plate! Save the 25+ hours that generally go into planning a vacation, and get the help you need so you don’t waste a day or dollar on a missed train connection, a hotel that doesn’t meet your needs or bad restaurant.

Group Planning

If you’re traveling with a group of 2 or 20, and need someone to help facilitate the planning to reconcile different interests, needs and budgets — we got you.

Ensure Authenticity

Personal travel experience and expert research that connects you to the heart of a destination, and its people, food and culture, in a genuine and authentic fashion.

Custom Services for You

Before your trip starts you’ll receive a Final Travel Advisory that houses all your trip details, tickets, confirmations, transportation notes, advice on local customs, currencies, weather, packing and more. Think of this document as your Travel Designer in your pocket. Everyone has access to this information, so you don’t have to be the keeper of all the details!

What Does it Cost?

Our Travel Designers do not rely on commissions from hotels, tour operators, etc. for compensation. You pay for their customized advice and unbiased recommendations. Planning fees vary depending on the scope of services requested, trip duration and group size and range from $300-$2,500.

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